Decision-Making in the Polycrisis Era

The convergence of a plethora of society-level crises has resulted in the birth of the polycrisis era – a term that was first used more than 20 years ago to describe the existence of multiple significant risks occurring at the same time. Although geopolitical upheaval, societal polarization, poverty, migration, and pandemics are perennial topics that have been studied intently for generations, the intersection of politics, economics, finance, technology, the environment, and other factors that today collectively define the global risk landscape have fused together. The polycrisis era therefore embodies the multitude of complex, interconnected, simultaneous crises facing humanity across multiple dimensions.

The decision-makers who chart organizations’ path into the future often struggle to comprehend aspects of the polycrisis and to meaningfully address its impacts in risk management, strategic planning and other essential operational functions. They may even feel powerless to stay ahead of the curve. Decision-Making in the Polycrisis Era illuminates the challenges and identifies ways in which decision-makers should think about polycrises to better grapple with them, providing insights and tools for how to improve our ability to make quality decisions when faced with these interconnected risks.

Whether CEOs, CFOs, risk managers, or other organizational personnel, we must all have a deeper understanding of malignant AI, cyber threats, and other polycrisis-related threats. Decision-Making in the Polycrisis Era enlightens the reader in an informative, entertaining, and easy-to-digest manner.

Co-authors Daniel Wagner and Ben Cattaneo – seasoned veterans of the global risk management arena – provide a deep dive that is truly contemplative and thought-provoking, arming the reader with a fresh perspective on making quality decisions to successfully navigate the increasingly intricate landscape.

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