About Us

The Decision-Making Studio is a boutique consultancy that helps individuals and organisations make empowering choices in an increasingly uncertain world

Ben Cattaneo – Founder

I founded The Decision-Making Studio because throughout my career – whether it was with large companies making investments in risky markets, or an individual leader making profound changes about their future or that of their organisation – those that practiced quality decision-making succeeded most often. We live and work in an increasingly uncertain world and dealing with that uncertainty is most successfully accomplished via great decision-making. I have also seen that great decision-making is often elusive, but that even small improvements to decision-making can have huge benefits. I want to share what I have learned, created, and practiced. That’s why the Decision-Making Studio exists.

I have a 20+ year career in corporate risk management, strategy and management consulting. Up until very recently (September 2023) when I decided to launch The Decision-Making Studio, I held a senior role at BT (British Telecom), the UK’s largest telecoms company where I looked after the company’s risk management process, with a focus on decision-making. Prior to that, I had an extensive  management consulting career spanning time at Accenture and the world’s most prominent firms focused on sustainability and geopolitical risk.  I worked with some of the world’s most well-known and successful organisations on their most challenging decisions. I have seen what works and what doesn’t when it comes to decisions and uncertainty.

I also host and produce The All Things Risk podcast, a show all about learning from decision-makers, risk-takers and thought leaders across a wide variety of fields – from the arts, sport, adventuring, and entrepreneurship to name a few. I have spoken to hundreds of world-class individuals who have amazing insights and expertise on great decision-making.

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The All Things Risk podcast features fascinating conversations with world-leading guests on the topics of decision-making and uncertainty.

For Individuals

Are you looking to improve your skills in decision-making?

Do you want some help on a major upcoming decision – for instance, a life change, a big investment and are feeling stuck or anxious about it?

Have you tried looking at many types of decision-making tools, processes or models and ended up being even more confused than when you started?

For Organisations

Does your organisation have a high-stakes decision it needs to make and it wants some help to get it right?

Do want to your organisation to get better at decision-making to improve performance – that that’s operational, financial or otherwise?

Could your organisation benefit from clarifying how decisions get made especially amongst teams that have differing decision-making styles, capabilities or authorities?